Digital Wellness: The Best of Both Worlds

What are your favourite apps on your phone right now? If you are a curious person, you might even want to look through your screen time feature on your phone. Can you tell me, what are your most commonly used apps? If you are anything like me or likely your peers in this class, you might be inclined to say Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat or maybe even YouTube.

Source: Apple

I enjoy these apps as much as anyone, but what do these social media platforms really do for YOU?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many health and wellness apps appeared out of the blue, designed to motivate and encourage people through an extremely difficult time. I, along with my football club, were encouraged to download Strava. Strava is one example of many that illustrate the movement toward media apps that offer more than just numb-numbing content that many of these prominent social media apps have done for so long.


Strava inspires users to set physical goals for themselves. This may be through exercises at the gym, going for a solo run or something as simple as taking the dog for a walk or in the park. These goals are comparable with friends and your community as you can see other people’s achievements and encourage others to ‘strive-a’ for more. Strava also sets frequent reminders to its users to take time out of their day to engage in breathing exercises and meditation to improve the mental and spiritual well-being of those using the apps.

Source: Mahevash Muses

It is understandable that not everyone is a fitness fanatic or has the time or interest to meditate. However, it is time that social media platforms start to take an interest in their followers. Apps such as Instagram should not look to flood its user’s feed with sponsored posts from the highest bidder seeking brand promotion. Instead, digital marketers should take a keen interest in a brand’s followers and identify avenues that they can better the lives of these individuals.

Are you happy with social media apps simply being an escape for reality? Or do you wish your time spent on social media apps could help you better yourself?

4 responses to “Digital Wellness: The Best of Both Worlds”

  1. Really informative and enjoyable read Cade! I think it is important that we are always trying to improve ourselves and be the best version of ourselves. For that reason, I think it is important that social media platforms can provide us with value to help achieve our goals rather than to just be an escape from reality. I have noticed quite a lot of motivational speakers on my social media feeds lately which has helped me to develop a better outlook on my situation at times and I feel that this type of content is beneficial for most people. With more content like that to help inspire and develop discipline in people, I think social media can actually have a positive change on our future.


  2. Great post Cade!
    I would prefer to stay off social media in terms of health and wellness. This is because I think being healthy involves minimising one’s screen time!
    I prefer social media purely for entertainment, as merging it with my health and well-being practices seems unnecessary!


    • Interesting perspective on the topic. Second line seems like little personal dig hahaha, but I certainly understand your stance on wanting to separate social media and your own personal wellness!


  3. Very interesting! Personally, I like to seperate social media from wellness, as I think the things I do for my health work the best when I avoid social media and my phone while I do it. However, after reading your post I really want to give Strava a try! I always have my phone on me when I go running, so it seems like a great app to use while I run.


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